Zulto Bai Rass Zula Lyrics

Zulto Bai Rass Zula Lyrics


Movie – Janki (1979)

SingerLata Mangeshkar

Composer Pt. Hrudaynath Mangeshkar

Lyricist Sudheer Moghe

Zulto Bai Rass Zula Lyrics

Jhulato baai, raas jhula
Nabh nile, raat nili, kaanhaahi nila

Waar‍ayaachi wenu, faandyaanchya tipar‍aya
Gunfataat gof chaandanyaat chhaaya
Abhaalaachya bhaalaawari, chnderi tila

Praanahin bhaase, raasaacha rng
Rngahin saare, nasata shrirng
Chohikade maj dise hari saawala

Guntalaas kothhe, nnd nndana tu
Raadhechya ramana, kewha yeshil tu
Ghat jhare, raat sare, rriatu chaalala

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of Zulto Bai Rass Zula Lyrics.

Zulto Bai Rass Zula Lyrics Youtube Video

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