Zatkun Taak Jeeva Lyrics

Zatkun Taak Jeeva Lyrics


Movie – Madhuchandra (1967)

SingerMahendra Kapoor

Composer N.Dutta

Lyricist G.D.Madgulkar

Zatkun Taak Jeeva Lyrics

Jhatakun taak jiwa dubalepana manaacha
Fulala paha sabhoti annd jiwanaacha

Hoil taap kaahi madhyaanhi chya unhaacha
Awichaar sod asala kolhaal kalpanaancha
Aswaad ghe sukhaane yetya nawya kshanaacha

Pushpaas waatate ka bhay un paawasaache
Ayushy tyaas ahe ekaach na disaayache
Hasuni kari pari te warshaaw saurabhacha

Ka kaalacha udyaala desi uga hawaala
Dyaawaach waatato na mag jiw de jiwaala
Awher kaay karisi anamol ya tanaacha

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of Zatkun Taak Jeeva Lyrics.

Zatkun Taak Jeeva Lyrics Youtube Video

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