Zala Mahar Pandharinath Lyrics

Zala Mahar Pandharinath Lyrics


Movie – Pudhcha Paul (1950)

SingerSudhir Phadke

Composer Sudhir Phadke

Lyricist G.D.Madgulkar

Zala Mahar Pandharinath Lyrics

Jhaala mahaar pndharinaath
Kaay dewaachi saangu maat

Nesala malin chindhoti
Ghetali haataamadhi kaathhi
Ghongadi taakili paathhi
Kari johaar darabaaraat

Mundaashaat baandhali chithhi
Fekato durun jagajethhi
Daamaajinn wikali ji kothhi
Tyaachn ghyaawn daam padaraat

Khalakhala otilya mohara
Ghya ji mojun, paawati kara
Dhig baghun chamakalya najara
Shaha ghaali bot tondaat

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Zala Mahar Pandharinath Lyrics Youtube Video

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