Karan Johar Accused of Stealing Song

कथा, काव्य आणि साहित्य वाचकांसाठीचे दालन

नक्की भेट द्या

Pakistani singer Abrar-ul-Haq has accused Karan Johar of using his song in the upcoming film 'Jugjugg Jeeyo' and said he would take legal action against him. On social media, the singer reported that he did not sell the song to anyone.

While sharing the video, he captioned it, "Stop stealing our songs." and  he also states that giving a line credit to someone in a YouTube video is not enough to take their work.

He has promised his worried fans that he will go to court and will summon Karan Johar and T Series to get back his song.

He tagged Karan Johar and the record label T-Series in his social media posts using the hashtag #StopStealingOurSongs.

The tune the song 'The Punjaban' from the film is similar to Abrar-ul-Haq's 'Nach Punjaban'.