Wish You Would Lyrics

Wish You Would Lyrics SONG CREDITS Album – Justice (Target Exclusive) (2021) Singer – Justin Bieber Composer – Trackz (Producer), BMW KENNY, Poo Bear Lyricist – BMW KENNY, Trackz (Producer), Soundz, Poo Bear, Quavo, Justin Bieber Wish You Would…

Confident Lyrics

Confident Lyrics SONG CREDITS Album – Journals (2013) Singer – Justin Bieber Composer – Chance the Rapper Lyricist – Chance the Rapper, Verse Simmonds, Soundz, Justin Bieber Confident Lyrics [Produced by Soundz] [Intro: Justin Bieber]Don’t…

No Sense Lyrics

No Sense Lyrics SONG CREDITS Album – Purpose (2015) Singer – Justin Bieber Composer – Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Soundz, Mike Dean, Poo Bear Lyricist – Justin Bieber No Sense Lyrics [Justin Bieber:]Yeah, yeahIt don’t…


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