Dehachi Tijori Lyrics

SONG CREDITS Movie –  Aamhi Jato Amuchya Gava (1968) Singer – Sudhir Phadke Composer – Sudhir Phadke Lyricist – Jagdeesh Khebudkar Dehachi Tijori Lyrics Dehaachi tijori, bhaktichaach thhewaUghad daar dewa ata ughad daar…

Bai Bai Manmoracha Lyrics

Bai Bai Manmoracha Lyrics SONG CREDITS Movie – Mohityanchi Manjula (1963) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar Composer – Anandghan Lyricist – Jagdeesh Khebudkar Bai Bai Manmoracha Lyrics Baai baai, manamoraacha kasa pisaara fulala Chimani maina,…


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