Sukhache Chandane Lyrics

Sukhache Chandane Lyrics


TV Serial – Aai Kuthe Kai Karte (2019)

SingerVidya Karalgikar

Composer Nilesh Moharir

Lyricist Shripad Arun Joshi

Sukhache Chandane Lyrics

Morpankhi Chahulinche
Sobatine Chalane
Antaravar Pasarlele
Tipur se… Sukhaache chandane

Kon ya vedya manala
Aas lavi Bhabadi
Kon ahe jyamule he
Umbaryala Langhane

Hi nav suruvat ahe
Ki nave aabhas he
Durvarchi Ti nilaai
Magate… Sukhache Chandane

Bhovtiche sur halave
aiktana watate
gayale mi antarichya
vedananche hundake

harvaleli swapna hoti
thabakleli paaule
Pan tuzya bhetit
gavasale… sukhache chandane

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Sukhache Chandane Lyrics Youtube Video

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