Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics


AlbumMooseTape (2021)

SingerSidhu Moose Wala

Composer The Kidd

LyricistSidhu Moose Wala

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics

Malwa Belt Ch Painde Aa Pind Sadde

Te Khulle Aa Takk Zameena Ne

Teddiyan Pagga Naal Laye Chadare

Bhannde Aa Nak Jean’an De

Kuggan Phirniya Te Landiya Jeep’an

Te Dil Dariyan Saare Bande Ae

Din Dihade Launde Nehar’an Ch Tube’an

Te Dabban Ch Asle Tange Ae

Narme Kapaas Di Vi Hundi Kheti Aithe

Jihnu Angrezi Ch Cotton Aankhi Da

Surajmukhi Cho Kaa Udd’de Si

Khadka Sunke Harjeet Di Thapi Da

Truck’an Trally’an Da Eh Gadd Mudo

Aithe TC Naal TC Khaindi Ae

Ret De Tibbeyan Ch Jammeya Di

Vich Virle Taanve Naal Hi Behndi Ae

Balleya Paake Khaliyare Aa Range Rover

Tu Khadd Ke Vekhi Ghare Gate’an Cho

Sidhu Moose Wala Khadkda Randialawala

Tractor Diyan Tape’an Cho

Tractor Diyan Tape’an Cho

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