Parwah Nahin Lyrics

Parwah Nahin Lyrics

Parwah Nahin Lyrics


Movie – M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)

Singer – Siddharth Basrur

Composer – Amaal Mallik

Lyricist  Manoj Muntashir

Patthar ke hain sab raaste
Parwah nahin..
Dhundhle hain chehre khwaab ke
Parwah nahin..

Chhalni hai seena rehne do
Ab jo bhi ho parwah nahin..

Sanki hua jaata hai dil
Mann ki kiye jaata hai dil
Kadke betahasha ye
Bijli hua jaata hai dil

Baadal mein dhoondhe hausle
Pagla gaye hain hausle
Gir jaaye ya udey
Ab toote ya jude, parwah nahin..
Parwah nahin.. hey.. yeah..
Parwah nahin.. yeah..
Parwah nahin.. yeah…

Jhoothe hain ya sachche hain
Sapne aakhir sapne hain
Saare taare tumhi rakh lo
Saare jugnu toh mere hain

Roke ruke na dil jale
Pagla gaye hain hausle
Ziddi hain dhadkane
Ab bigde ya bane, parwah nahin..
Wo.. parwah nahin..
Ho.. parwah nahin..
Yeah.. parwah nahin.. yeah…

Saanson mein jo bhatti hai
Woh raat aur din dehakti hai
Paani-waani toh dhoka hai
Yeh aag aag se bujhti hai

Aaye toh aaye zalzale
Pagla gaye hain hausle
Sholon pe hum chale
Ab pighle ya jale, parwah nahin!
Wo.. parwah nahin..
Wo.. parwah nahin..
Wo.. parwah nahin..
Wo.. parwah nahin.. o..

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Parwah Nahin Lyrics YouTube Video

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