Mann Bharya Lyrics

Mann Bharya Lyrics

Mann Bharya Lyrics


Album – Mann Bharya

Singer – B Praak

Composer B Praak

Lyricist Jaani

Ve methon tera mann bharrya
Mann bharrya badal gaya saara
Ve tu mainu chhad jaana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

Gal gal te shak karda
Aitbaar zara vi nahi
Hunn teriyan akhiyan ‘ch
Mere layi pyar zara vi nahi

Mera te koi hai ni tere bin
Tenu mil jaana kisse da sahara
Ve tu mainu chhad jaana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

Pyar mere nu tu
Ve mazak samajh ke baithae
Main sab samajhdi aan
Tu jawak samajh ke baithae

Tu waqt nahi dinda
Mainu ajj kal do pal da
Tainu pata nahi shayad
Ishq vich injh nahi chalda

Mainu tu jutti thalle rakhdae
Jaani lokan agge ban na vichara
Ve tu mainu chad jana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

Tu sab janda ae
Main chad ni sakdi tainu
Taan hi taan ungallan te
Roz nachauna ae mainu

Agle janam vich allah
Aisa khel racha ke bheje
Mainu tu bana ke bheje
Tainu main bana ke bheje

Ve fer tainu pata lagna
Kiven pitta jandae paani khara khara
Ve tu mainu chad jaana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

Ve methon tera mann bharya..

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