Ganesh Bhajan Lyrics PDF

Ganesh Bhajan Lyrics PDF

Ganesh Bhajan Lyrics PDF

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati and is the brother of Kartikeya. His mother created him from the earth and it went in the shape of a child. While Shiva was away from his meditative wandering, Parvati put her new son as a protector when she took a bath.

Unexpectedly, Shiva returned home and as soon as he found the boy, he was enraged by his discretion to claim that he was Parvati’s son and demanded a gang of demons to fight the boy brutally. Vishnu was forced to intervene in the form of Maya and when the boy was distracted by her beauty, Shiva himself took his own head. In the confusion, Parvati ran away from her bath and Shiva said goodbye to her for killing her son in such a short time. Shiva ordered a new head to be found for the child and as the first animal available was the elephant, Ganesh got a new head and it became the most different from the Hindu deities.

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