Dev Jari Maj Kadhi Bhetla Lyrics

Dev Jari Maj Kadhi Bhetla Lyrics


Movie – Molkarin (1963)

Singer  Asha Bhosle

Composer Vasant Desai

Lyricist – P.Savlaram

Dev Jari Maj Kadhi Bhetla Lyrics

Dew jari maj kadhi bhetala
Maag hawe te maag mhanaala
Mhanen prabhu re maajhe saare
Jiwan dei mam baalaala

Krishna goda snaan ghaalu de
Rakhumaabaai tit laawu de
Jnjaaneshaachi gaaun owi
Muktaai nijawu de tujala

Shiwaraayaachya maagin shaurya
Karnaachya ghein odaarya
Dhruw chilayaachya abhng prema
Laabhu de chimanya raajaala

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of Dev Jari Maj Kadhi Bhetla.

Dev Jari Maj Kadhi Bhetla Lyrics Youtube Video

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