De Saad De Hridya Lyrics

De Saad De Hridya Lyrics


Album – Tejomay Nadbramha

Singer Suresh Wadkar, Aarti Ankalikar-Tikekar

Composer Shridhar Phadke

Lyricist – Praveen Davne

De Saad De Hridya Lyrics

De saad de, hridaya
Janmaantaricha dhyaas ho, hridaya

Trishnecha ghat ha dhan he maajhe
Jal he bhawati gamale ojhe
Pailatiricha megh ho hridaya

Janmaancha path ha, julale dhaage
Chhaayepari hi niyati yei maage
Tya snchitaacha sur ho hridaya

Jaagali kshanaghanamaala
Janmach awagha barasun ala
Tya chetanecha shwaas ho hridaya

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of De Saad De Hridya.

De Saad De Hridya Lyrics Youtube Video

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