Darshan De Re Bhagwanta Lyrics

Darshan De Re Bhagwanta Lyrics


Album – Darshan De Re, De Re Bhagwanta

Singer Prahlad Shinde

Composer Madhukar Pathak

Lyricist – Datta Patil

Darshan De Re Bhagwanta Lyrics

Darshan de re, de re bhagawnta
Kiti ant ata pahaashi annta

Maay pityaachi sewa pundalikaachi
Bhakti paahili tu gor‍ayaakunbhaaraachi
Taise yene whaawe tujhe kripaawnta

Aikataach waani snt chokhobaachi
Saakshaat pragate murti withhthhalaachi
Aise daan deshi tujhya priy snta

Tuch janmadeta, tuch wishwakarta
Man shaant hoi, tujhe gun gaata
Hich ek asha, purawi tu ata

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of Darshan De Re Bhagwanta.

Darshan De Re Bhagwanta Lyrics Youtube Video

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