Daiv Janile Kuni Lyrics

Daiv Janile Kuni Lyrics


Movie – Molkarin (1963)

Singer Lata Mangeshkar

Composer Vasant Desai

Lyricist – G.D.Madgulkar

Daiv Janile Kuni Lyrics

Daiw jaanile kuni, daiw jaanile kuni
Lawaankushaacha halawi paalana, wani waalmiki muni

Mrig sonyaacha jagi asnbhaw
Tarihi tayaala bhulale raaghaw
Shriraamaala chakawun gelya shakti maayaawini

Apadamastak wishuddh sita
Patiwrata ti murt dewata
Patitapaawane tila tyaagili, tashaat ti garbhini

Raajaputr te nripati udyaache
Shishupan tyaanche dinapanaache
Ratn knduka jaagi haati maatichi khelani

In addition, to the lyrics, you can also watch the music video of Daiv Janile Kuni.

Daiv Janile Kuni Lyrics Youtube Video


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