Chacha Huu Lyrics

Chacha Huu Lyrics

Chacha Huu Lyrics


AlbumMooseTape (2021)

SingerSidhu Moose Wala

Composer Wazir Patar

LyricistSidhu Moose Wala

Chacha Huu Lyrics

Ni Eh Sarpanch-An Da Munda Dekhla
Ehde Naalde Mange Gaye, Viyahe Gaye
Kaiyan De Jawak Vi Ho Gaye
Par Eh Oh! Jama Hi Tureya Firda

Ni Kahnu Mainu Tan Aein Lagda
Bahar Kite Kaanti Payi Phirdae
Ni Main Tan Internet Te
Photo-An Vi Dekhiyan Ne

Te Hor Ni Chachi Kahnu
Main Sare Moose Pind De Munde Viyahte
Ehna De Ghare Ghato Ghat Das Rishte Laike Geya
Kudi Wale Ehdi Bandookdi Vekh Ke Bhaj Jande Aa

Eh Mainu Tan Lagda Bandook Joga Reh Gaya
Ehnu Ni Rishta Hunda

Cha Cha Chacha Ji Sat Sri Akal!

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