Bala Jo Jo Re Lyrics

Bala Jo Jo Re Lyrics

Bala Jo Jo Re Lyrics


Movie – Bala Jo Jo Re (1993)

Singer Asha Bhosle

Composer Vasant Pawar

Lyricist – G.D.Madgulkar

Bala Jo Jo Re Lyrics

Baala jo jo re, baala jo jo re
Paapanichya pnkhaant jhopu de dolyaanchi paakhare

Jhopi gelya chimanya raaghu
Chimanya raaja nakos jaagu
Hirawya paanaanwari jhopali welinchi lekare

Pure khelane ata baala
Thaanbaw chaala thaanbaw waala
Shabd aikate jhopemadhuni chaawalate waare

Megh paandhare ushaas gheuni
Chndr taaraka nijalya gagani
Wanadewinni ughadi keli swapnaanchi mndire

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Bala Jo Jo Re Lyrics Youtube Video

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