Baki Nacho Lyrics

Baki Nacho Lyrics


Movie Cash (2021)

SingerIP SinghYashika Sikka

Composer Saurabh Lokhande


Baki Nacho Lyrics

Dil ke dard daba de decoration mei
Mann ke bird udaa de celebration mei
Pehle toh daano ki variety thi chonch mei

Par tauba haye yeh society ke chonchle
Aa gya panchhiyon ko pinjra dabochne

Jiske laagan lage, laag gaye
Baaki nacho
Jiske band baaje, baaj gaye
Baki nacho

Nacho saare ke saare
Jab tak ki hain pairon mein dum
Jab tak subah naa hogi
Hogi naa yeh party khatam

Toh phir hilao
Thodi body-shody
Jashan manao thoda

Jiske phatake phate, phat gye
Baki nacho
Jiske dholak baaje baaj gye
Baki nacho.

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