Adhir Man Jhale Lyrics

Adhir Man Jhale Lyrics


Movie – Nilkanth Master (2015)

SingerShreya Ghoshal

Composer Ajay-Atul

Lyricist Gajendra Ahire

Adhir Man Jhale Lyrics

Adhir man jhaale madhur ghan ale
Dhukyaatuni nabhaatale, sakhya priya
Sarituni surel dhund swar he ale

Mi asha rngaachi, motiya angaachi
Kewadya gndhaachi, baharale na …
Umagale raanaala, dethhaala paanaala
Maajhya saradaaraala samajale na …
Ala re kaalaja ghaala re
Jhelala bhaala re, gagan bhari jhaale re

Sosala waara mi, jhelalya dhaara mi
Pyaayala paara mi, bahakale na …
Gaawachya poraanni, raanaachya moraanni
Shiwaari saryaanni, paahile na …
Uthhali re, hul hi uthhali re
Chaalarit sutali re, nilaajari jhaali re

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Adhir Man Jhale Lyrics Youtube Video

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