Aaj Preetila Pankh He Lyrics

Aaj Preetila Pankh He Lyrics

Aaj Preetila Pankh He Lyrics


Movie – Kunkwacha Karanda (1971)

SingerAsha Bhosle, Sudhir Phadke

Composer Prabhakar Jog

Lyricist Jagdeesh Khebudkar

Aaj Preetila Pankh He Lyrics

Aj pritila pnkh he laabhale re
Jhep gheuni paakharu chaalale re

Unch manore nawya jagaache
Chirnjiw he swap‍an sukhaache
Tujhi ho‍uni aj mi raahile re

Asa laajara, baawara, pranay asaawa
Tujhi saawali tyaat mi ghet wisaawa
Ase agale chitr mi paahile re

Don jiwaanni ek asaawe
Mast ho‍uni dhund firaawe
Pnchapraan he paayi mi waahile re

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Aaj Preetila Pankh He Lyrics Youtube Video

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