Aaj Chandne Unhat Hasale Lyrics

Aaj Chandne Unhat Hasale Lyrics


Movie – Kalank Shobha (1961)

SingerAsha Bhosle, Sudhir Phadke

Composer Sudhir Phadke

Lyricist Shanta Shelke

Aaj Chandne Unhat Hasale Lyrics

Aj chaandane unhaant hasale tujhyaamule
Swapnaahun jag sundar disale tujhyaamule

Bhaaw antari umalat hote
Par manogat mukech hote
Shabdaantun saakaar jaahale, tujhyaamule

Paropariche rng jamawile
Stabdhach hote tari kunchale
Rngaatun tya chitr rngale, tujhyaamule

Karaant maajhya hoti wina
Ali nawhati jaag suraanna
Taaraantun jhnkaar umatale, tujhyaamule

Hridayamndiri hoti murti
Timiri parntu hota bhawati
Aj mndiri dip tewale, tujhyaamule

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Aaj Chandne Unhat Hasale Lyrics Youtube Video

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